Blepharitis Causes, Complications And Possible Treatments

Plenty of people, at different times in their lives, have had itchy, inflamed eyelids that make them feel self-conscious because of the scaly redness that it causes. If it isn’t treated, it can spread to the surrounding area some, but the itchiness will be distracting to the point where the sufferer will be preoccupied all day long, scratching and rubbing their eyes. Sometimes even styes, which are infected eyelash pores, will form and make things even worse. The medical term for this condition is Blepharitis, but most people won’t have heard of it, even though they’ve suffered from it.

One Cause Of This Condition Is A Bacteria Called Staph

Sometimes the staph infection is actually secondary to a previous condition that caused the patient to rub their eyes constantly, which then helped the bacteria to gain a foothold in the scaly skin. But, once the bacteria is there, it should be treated so that any underlying condition can then be found.

The staph infection can spread to the eye itself and cause conjunctivitis which will be even more irritating, itchy, and feel like there are foreign objects in the eye. Most of the time an antibiotic eye ointment will be necessary to eliminate the infection. But that still might not cure the problem with the eyelids since that may have started with an allergy or even an autoimmune response to some other irritant.

The best way to get the proper diagnosis is for a doctor to take a sample of the flaky skin on the eyelash and examine it for bacteria. If it turns out not to be caused by any type of bacteria, then other measures will have to be tried to relieve the itching and irritation.

Allergies Are Another Cause, But Can Be Difficult To Pinpoint

The problem with allergies is that the patient could be allergic to something they ate, or something floating in the air, and it can be a long process to narrow down the search. Women,in particular, should reduce the amount of eye makeup that they wear and look for hypoallergenic brands to replace the types they use.

There is also sometimes a problem with bacteria infecting the actual mascara inside the tube, then each time it is applied to the eyelid it only serves to re-infect the area again and again. Once an infection has occurred, it’s a good idea to throw out all of the old eye makeup and start over.

Rosacea Sufferers Should Also Know That It Can Affect The Eyelids

If a person already suffers from Rosacea then there is a strong likelihood that the Blepharitis has its roots there as well. There are a lot of theories on the causes of Rosacea, most people believe it to be diet related, so they cut out simple carbohydrates like potatoes, white rice, pasta and yellow corn to see if that makes the situation better. If not, there are tons of other theories to try, one may work, or a person could spend their entire life searching.

While the Blephartis itself is more irritating than it is dangerous, it should be treated so that it doesn’t cause other problems. Then the root of the itching should be investigated in order to stop the condition from recurring over and over again.